Staking Pool

APY: no set %

Staking Days: Infinite Days

2.5% of every transaction returned to Stakeholders

Select Vanilla Pool

Vanilla Pool Guide

Chocolate Staking Pool

APY: 300%

Staking Days: 45 Days

Start Date: 24 December 2020

Select Chocolate Pool

Chocolate Guide

Strawberry Staking Pool

APY: 275%

Staking Days: 30 Days

Start Date: 24 December 2020

Select Strawberry Pool

Strawberry Guide

Staking Pools

Our revolutionary staking pools have been built for our longstanding stakeholders who believe in our protocol and therefore, bringing real value back to early investors. Our Staking dApps are mathematically driven and ensure a high reward can be offered without draining the community funds that can be used for future investments into the infrastructure of our gambling dApps. This will ensure a healthy and stable ecosystem will remain for its full existence.

Vanilla Option

Firstly, our Vanilla Option is central to our entire ecosystem, with 2.5% of every transaction made with the VNLA token returning to stakeholders in this platform, which will run for an infinite amount of time until circulating supply becomes 100,000 tokens. The pool has been designed to give you details of all staked $VNLA in the pool belonging to all shareholders. It also displays your stake, your share of the pool, claimed dividends and unclaimed dividends. If this is your first time using this pool, kindly follow the procedures below to stake, unstake, reinvest and claim your tokens

Chocolate Option

Our Chocolate Option offers the highest annual percentage yield equivalent and is limited to a number of seats on a first-come, first sold basis for the given size of the pool. For a user to obtain their rewards they will need to remain in this pool for a set number of days to be appropriately rewarded. At the end of the option period, pooled VNLA tokens and rewards will be released back to stakeholders to increase their overall net investment value in the Vanilla Network.

Strawberry Option

Our Strawberry Option also offers a lucrative annual percentage yield, and will have a larger number of seats available. The time period to remain in this option will be lower than the Chocolate Option to incentivize those with a lower risk tolerance. The Vanilla Network will reintroduce these options as and when the community has the relevant scope to do so therefore, bringing value back to the investors who are the key stakeholders and drivers behind this project.