Vanilla Network - The place to Invest, Stake & Play

The Vanilla Network was created for the investor and betting enthusiast in all of us. The Vanilla token itself is a deflationary source of value with a transaction cost of 5%, with 50% (2.5%) of this cost returned to stakeholders in the vanilla staking pool. This holds true for buying and selling as well as staking or unstaking in any of our gaming or staking platforms. The online gambling industry is worth an estimated $60 billion with blockchain technology primed to take a large share of this market. The Vanilla Network aims to become the first casino and gaming platform that returns all rewards back to its stakeholders. The house will truly no longer win, and the Vanilla Network seeks to be the best in class in its field.

The Vanilla Network was created for the investor and betting enthusiast in all of us. Whether investing in a project you believe in with hopes of a return, staking coins while amassing many more or possibly tempting lady luck, the simplicity of the Vanilla Network makes this easily possible. The Vanilla coin itself is a deflationary coin with a transaction cost of 5%. This holds true for buying, selling, staking/ unstaking or game participation. 2.5% of every transaction is immediately burned while the remaining 2.5% pours directly into the hands of the stakeholders.

Vanilla Staking

2.5% of every transaction fee is distributed to all stakeholders. The more coins you have staked, the more percentage of the transaction fee you will earn. As Vanilla coins continue to burn, the remaining Vanilla coins become more valuable.

Stake and Play

At the touch of a button, stakeholders can take advantage of our unique “double or nothing” option where simply put, you either double your daily staking rewards or lose them. Play it safe or live on the edge.

High APY Staking

Stakeholders have the option to stake and un-stake at their leisure, but would lose their rewards entitlement if unstaked before the reward period ends. To encourage prolonged staking, a high APY reward will be issued to those who stake for a certain period of time.

Head to Head Bets

A platform in which you will be able to bet against other Vanilla Network members. Via our telegram group, we will get our community highly involved and based on interest, head to head betting scenarios will be created.


If you’re a fan of crypto assets and Texas hold ’em poker, then the Vanilla Poker platform is the place for you! With no rake, and no requirement in having to use USD or any other fiat currency during the process, our Blockchain poker fits the bill for all poker and crypto enthusiasts!


Blackjack, also known as 21 in some parts of the world, is a casino card game in which the player’s objective is to beat the dealers hand by getting a total hand value of 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without going over 21.

Vanilla Community Fund

The VCF is a community driven fund and was created to store the fees charged when participating in our games. Funds from the VCF will be used to reward our long-term stake holders invested within the vanilla option and also for payouts of blackjack and poker.

Vanilla Tokenomics

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000 VNLA

Minimum Supply: 100,000 VNLA

Transaction fee: 5% per transaction. However, 2.5% is burned from supply forever and 2.5% is returned as a dividend to stakeholders in the Vanilla Option Pool until supply reaches 100,000 tokens.

Team Members

Operations Director

Rutherford is the Operations Director of Vanilla Network and oversees the day to day operations of the organisation. In the last 3 years, he has managed a tech cohort of blockchain developers, smart contract creators & Daaps developers who have supported the growth of multiple cryptocurrency projects.


Commercial Director

Marouane is the commercial director of Vanilla Network. He manages and oversees all marketing and growth decisions. Since 2016, Marouane has been involved with multiple blockchain projects, overseeing their growth strategies.



Technical Director

Constantine is the Technical Director of Vanilla Network, armed with close to two decades experience in technology and 4 years as as a blockchain developer. He works on the front lines leading a multidisciplinary team of blockchain programmers, web developers, UI/UX creators, DBA and digital marketers


Community Manager

Catalin is the Vanilla Network community manager. A long term crypto enthusiast with over 10 years of specialist marketing experience, he brings an array of talents to the wider team.