You can un-stake whenever you like but under our Vanilla option, you earn extra rewards for keeping your coins staked for a certain period of time.

Yes, this will be a roadmap item and part of our long term vision for everyone to be able to trade the VNLA token. However, we plan to explore multiple exchanges once our ecosystem is developed appropriately. We are currently listed on Uniswap as well as WhiteBit, allowing for multiple avenues to purchase our tokens.

When the VNLA token is purchased, a 5% transaction fee is charged. 50% (2.5%) of this fee goes to our stakeholders, the other 50% (2.5%) is automatically burned. This also happens when you sell, stake, un-stake or participate in any of our games..

Available to buy VNLA on Uniswap and other exchanges.

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Our mission is in essence to produce a Vanilla platform. A plain and simple platform that anyone with a limited understanding of decentralised finance can invest, stake and play to earn exciting rewards. We are a first of its kind, given the Vanilla Network originated from a failed, yet promising project; to be reborn and redesigned by new founding members for the legacy community. However, the challenge remains that we aim to consistently produce exciting staking and betting dApps that appeals to all which will generate demand for our product offering. Distinctive in nature, a deflationary token which encourages holding as well as producing a real use case in the novel community betting and staking dApps produced. We believe the community can play its part to make this platform unique and set it apart from our competitors.

The term Vanilla is by definition designed to be an uncomplicated financial instrument which does not rely upon underlying asset classes to be sustainable. $VNLA is a deflationary token, like many other projects prior to its inception including the market leading blockchain itself, Bitcoin. However, many deflationary tokens have failed to deliver the key ingredient to produce a rewarding investment, consistent consumer demand, and this is where we differ. We aim to produce revolutionary betting and staking DApps, with the help of community input, to ensure we provide a market leading product. With both forces of decreasing supply to provide scarcity and increasing demand via our product offering, we are confident investors will generate a strong return on investment. With the flexibility of being novel in design and a project team keen to explore the evolving changes in blockchain technology, we believe this is a winning formula.