Head to Head

The Vanilla betting platform allows for holders of the VNLA token to participate in Head-to-Head bets against community members and also participate in pool betting scenarios. A user can create an event for a bet to be placed on, as long as there’s an event start time, which can be verified by the platform’s administrators.

Head-to-Head bets allow for users to bet on particular outcomes with a 50/50 outcome. For example, an NBA game with Miami Heat vs. LA Lakers a user could bet Miami Heat will be victorious and place a specific wager. This wager will need to be matched by another user using the VNLA native token. The winners of the event will double their stake. If there is a third outcome, such as a draw, the result will be considered even and the user’s funds will be returned.

Pool betting scenarios will also be available for key sporting events. This will mean any user can place a wager on a particular outcome. At the close of betting, depending on the level of wagers place on a particular outcome, odds will be generated.

For instance, a boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury could be scheduled. If 20,000 VNLA is placed on Anthony Joshua, and only 5,000 VNLA is place on Tyson Fury; this would mean Tyson Fury’s odds would be 500% whereas Anthony Joshua’s odds would be calculated at a 25% return. If Tyson Fury were to win, anyone who had pooled his or her tokens on this outcome would receive a significant reward.

These unique features will allow users the ability to participate in an array of betting outcomes at a fair value outcome, without being dictated by an outdated centralized bookmaking. Therefore, increasing the chance of significant rewards and consumer choice. This product offering will continue to evolve based on consumers wanted and needs.