Blockchain Poker

If you’re a fan of crypto assets and Texas hold ’em poker, then the Vanilla Poker platform is the place for you! With no rake, and no requirement in having to use USD or any other fiat currency during the process, our Blockchain poker fits the bill for all poker and crypto enthusiasts!

With the non-requirement of a fee to participate in our poker tables, this also seeks to be the most profitable platform professional and expiring poker players can use. All deposits and returns are made in our highly valuable and stable VNLA currency, which can be sold and purchased on various well-renowned exchanges.

We initially will be offering sit and go (SNG) tournaments; as well as multi-table tournaments, which can be accessed through our innovative Vanilla Poker Lobby. This will allow for ease of use, and finding your way to a table that suits your risk tolerance.

The online gambling industry is worth an estimated 59 Billion dollars, and we seek to be the first network to truly decentralize the industry and destroy the notion that the house always wins!

Coming Soon